The Mediabank CD/DVD dispensing units are the perfect solution for extremely high frequency rental environments, allowing a Patron Friendly process to Borrow and Return CD and DVD, which are stored in a complete secure housing.
Mediabank automated dispensers are seamlessly integrated with standard library management systems (ILS) using the SIP2 protocol, and have been successfully tested in the following environments:
Geac PLUS, Dynix "classic", VTLS Virtua, SirsiDynix Horizon, Innovative Millenium.
Integrating local selector stations and the embedded internet reservation interface these units have proved a sustained rental frequency of 90 transactions/hour and 300-400 rentals/day even with access limited to regular library opening hours.
Successful implementation of our units is testified by the following award received in 2008 by the Richmond (Vancouver, Canada) Public library.
For full integration with your library system, consult with our dedicated partner for North America LIBRAMATION at 888-809-0099.

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