Experience and innovation

Mediabank Software is a result of a close collaboration between Cinemastore Group programmers and the users of the systems.

The management software is subject to continuous improvement and thanks to its wide range of functions, it can satisfy perfectly the many requests coming from a high number of customers with different needs.

Personalised programming for each customer

The software of the Mediabank machines allows a direct relationship between manager and customer.

The manager can plan prices, discounts and the number of items which can be withdrawn from the dispenser according to his agreement with each customer.

Targeted communication

The shopkeeper can display on the monitor adverts for everyone to see

and private messages to individuals.

Shop-distributor integrated management

With the use of the magnetic mambership card, the customer can choose where to withdraw the products, directly from the shop or from the dispenser.

Each item is put into the machine store on the basis of the criteria set by the shopkeeper. A film can be listed by either authors, genre, year or actors.

Remote check up reduces management costs

Mediabank system has been designed to reduce management costs and time necessary to complete each operation. The centre of control, Videogest, is remotly connected to a distributor.

Automatic procedures allow immediate verification of the machine functioning properly.
Distributors activate an alarm call in case of failure. Data interchanging is performed in real time.

Intelligent hourly tariffs

The software has been programmed to set up tariffs in prefixed hours of a day. This option simplifies specific sales promotions.

The price list practised by the shop or the machine can be fixed according to the needs of specific situations.

Direct withdrawing of the items from the distributor

The shopkeeper can withdraw an item from the dispenser directly from his place at the counter by means of a tunnel placed at the back of the dispenser.

This option optimises the drawing and return procedure.

Direct updating

The shopkeeper can import from Mediabank data-bank directly and whenever he wishes the updating cards of single items:

he can download new posters and obtain a short description of films.

Dynamic management of dispensing stores

The dimension of the dispenser store is calibrated on the average number of drawn items
The modularity of Mediabank machines allows the shopkeeper to build his store custom-made on the basis of logistic and commercial needs.

The software handles excess returns rejecting the products according to criteria set by the shopkeeper.
If there is more than one dispenser in the same shop, each machine can act as a selector for the others and the items can be returned to any one of the dispensers.

The returning box facility

The software provides the facility of a returning box; when the user returns a product withdrawn

from the shop to the dispenser, the cost will be immediatly deducted from the membership card.