Mediabank automatic dispensers of multimedia products grant exclusive advantages.


Mediabank automatic dispensers of multimedia products satisy the needs of the public at large.
Today people want to have the option to quickly know if a product is available.
The customer wants to book a film for the evening from his mobile phone or computer; he wants to do it while he is walking or is comfortably sitting in his armchair.

Mediabank gives a concrete answer to these expectations with a new generation of multimedia product dispensers preset for utilization of new communication technologies.
An easy software upgrade guarantees compatibility with today's and tomorrow's technologies to the exclusive system "Convergent Technologies", designed by Mediabank.


Mediabank machines are a bang for the buck: they offer an unmatched quality/price ratio, even when compared to older technologies.

An investment in Mediabank distributors is productive for many years because the machines can always be upgraded.


Mediabank automatic dispensers offer maximum productivity and can be used continuously.
They are solid, quick to repair and don't need special care.
They are designed and built to be completely and easily examinable. In the unlikely event of machine malfunctions the owner himself can quickly get it back in service. into operation.

It is sufficient only to replace one of the four main modules that make up the dispenser.
The repair is immediate and the machine is ready for operation.
Mediabank supports its customers, guiding them step by step with a phone hot-line and on-line service


Mediabank dispensers are designed for small and big shop needs.
The system is managed by a control centre connected to distributors either via a local network or remotely, with the following characteristics:

  • a number of distributors is controlled by only one control centre
  • automatic operations allow for a remote check up of machine functionality
  • dispensers send an alarm call automatically in case of failure and maintenance is carried out remotely

In order to increase the number of sale/rental points, dispensers can be combined on a local network with several selectors; the customer chooses his product from a selector, goes to the indicated distributor, inserts his card and withdraws the item.


Withdrawing a product is fun with Mediabank.
Renting a film is easy.
The graphic interface with touch screen used in consulting operations makes choosing a film a pleasure.

Always up-to-date posters are of great assistance.
The tilted screen, allowing for single user viewing, guarantees customer privacy.


Mediabank machines are designed to make life easy.
Easy usage: the graphic screens guide customers in all operations.
Easy sale: machines sell easily and when not in use show attention-drawing filmed images.

Selectors can be operated as Internet browsing points.
Easy marketing: rental prices can be scheduled according to the time and it is possible to launch promotions on late night rentals.