Videogest: the heart of the Mediabank system

The control centre Videogest is the heart of the Mediabank system.
It is responsible for the running of the rental and purchase activity of multimedia products.
Videogest inputs the data from the distributors: 1) through a local network from ones installed in shops, 2) through a remote connection from ones located remotely. Videogest handles all the necessary software operations for a smooth operation at shop level, the programming of the distributors and prompt running of the circuit.
One Videogest can run a large number of dispensers.

From the control centre the manager can:

  • control the network of distributors and selectors
  • verify machine conditions
  • have a real time updated inventory situation
  • program prices according to the our of rental
  • register new customers and new products
  • reload customers' cards
  • analyse sales performances.

Videogest components

  • personal computer
  • monitor
  • keyboard
  • reader-writer of magnetic cards
  • magnetic cards interface
  • uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • shop management software
  • network card for connection to the local machines system
  • remote control card for connection to satellite shops and distributors

   Vidoegest Control Centre